The Ninja Hall of Fame is Reserved for Amazon FBA Ninjas Who Are Currently Making $1,000+ Per Day or Often Significantly MORE!
(Hundreds of Additional Students Making $1,000+ Per Day Chose to Remain Anonymous and More Are Added Daily!)

Daniel Ramley

Never imagined that this was possible. Now that I've tasted a bit of success it makes everything seem so much more feasible  

Nick Norman

I started selling on eBay 5+ years ago and decided in March 2017 to take the plunge and sell on Amazon. With lots of research and hard work, it paid off.

Dave Hall

You don't have to know everything before you start. Get some basic knowledge, do the work, make some mistakes and learn as you go.

Nick Capizzani

Been selling on Amazon for 2+ years Kevin’s course really helped me tap into unseen potential and definitely has made an impact on my business. My advice is don’t use the same tactics everyone else is using. If you fish from the same pond, you're gonna catch the same fish. Stay one step ahead!

Oxana Ungureanu

Making a jump from ground Zero to a legit business on Amazon FBA in 4 months is not only possible but also a lot of fun! The opportunities are truly endless and Ninja’s support with tons of information and encouragement is outstanding!

Thank you Kevin and awesome Ninja family!

Albert Teng

I am lucky to find this FBA course. Kevin is really helpful and reply all my message within minutes. The find negative reviewer really help to maintain my 5 star product review and improve my conversion.

Timothy Chisum

After finding Kevin, we were able to take our small Amazon business to next level. Within only two short months of using his guidance,we just wanted to give a huge shoutout to Kevin for all he does!

Romaro Crowder

Special Thanks goes out to Kevin David for creating this course! It's literally a road map to Amazon FBA success!!! My advice: Get started now! Implement as you learn!

Zach Kirk

As an active duty Marine, full time college student, husband, and father of two I never thought this would be possible. Huge thanks goes out to Kevin David for providing us with the best Amazon FBA course in existence and taking us from not knowing anything about Amazon selling to this is just 5 short months.

Brandon Cox

I followed Kevin David's "THAT Lifestyle Ninja Course" exactly as he instructed because I had zero experience selling online. After only 2 weeks of having my private label product live on Amazon, I have had multiple days with awesome sales!!!

Matt Fichtner

I spent 6 months researching everything I could to get my Amazon business off the ground. I was up and running for a couple months before I found Kevin David's course and Ninja Black Belt group. Even after hundreds of hours of research I learned something new from almost every video in the course. I've taken my business from nothing to something and I'm on pace to double that number by next quarter. Product 4 is about to go live, 5 and 6 are in the pipeline, and I'm launching a whole new business with an investor at the beginning of 2018. Thanks to Kevin and the other ninjas! I have a feeling that our group is going to make a lot of successful empire builders in the very near future.

William Le

I was honestly a bit lost with Amazon FBA until I found Kevin David and the Ninja family, but I finally found my groove and I seriously owe it all to the ninja fam, this is just the start for me and I will get to 7 figures next year mark my words!!!

Aaron Teddington

WOW! It’s been 4 months since I’ve joined this group and I am truly grateful to have stumbled upon Kevin’s FREE YouTube video on how he made a living off of Amazon. Ever since then, I’ve never looked back and fortunate to get an opportunity to emulate everything taught in the “Amazon FBA Ninja Course”! I’m aiming to retire from the long hours as an accountant sooner than later and have the financial stability and freedom that I deserve! Watch out Kevin, I’m aiming to be a millionaire just like you bro :) Thanks Ninjas for all the help and support with my launch!!!

Daniel Gregory

I began my Amazon FBA journey April 2017 during the end of my freshman year of college by purchasing a different Amazon FBA course. I later bought Kevin’s course early August 2017, which was a few weeks after my first product went live. Kevin’s course has been a game changer, because all the tips and tricks that Kevin teaches have given me an advantage over other sellers. In 4 months of my first product being live, I have had more success than I ever imagined. Thank you Kevin so much for providing the awesome support and community!

Juston Herbert

I thought my entrepreneurial days were over until I ran into Kevin’s course. I had given up hope and thought making it was impossible. Kevin is extremely detailed and the support of the Black Belt group is incredible. Now just 2 weeks after my first product launch I am on track to hit my target number in sales.

Ucef Kaawach

I was lucky enough to get into the HOF my first day! I wouldn't have been able to do it without Kevin David's course which acted as a roadmap here. Honestly if you just follow the course step by step whatever goals you have are completely possible.

Matt Ostdiek

I found Kevin’s course on YouTube and jumped in to start learning. After months of product searching/development, working with shipping agents, and optimizing the listing we had our first awesome day of sales a few days later. Huge thanks to Kevin and the Ninja Family! If you follow each step of the process and don’t cut corners, you’re sure to succeed!

Justin Falck

I found Kevin’s course through a random Facebook post after hours of searching for new forms of income, besides the classic 9-5 job. I quickly saw potential in the business plan and jumped in right away. I followed Kevin’s teachings in the course, his YouTube videos, and the helpful support from the ninja family. Shipping took longer than I wanted and I had a few hurdles to overcome. Shortly after my product launch, organic sales took off and I hit a pretty good amount of sales after 4 days. I am very appreciative to the help and support that Kevin and his resources have provided!

Aida Caradulis

Believe the hype! Kevin David’s course is the real deal. I had no knowledge of selling on Amazon when I started with the course. I was very skeptical, but after my first product homerun, I can say I am living proof that Kevin David’s Ninja Course and group are the invaluable resource that made all the difference for my success.

Ben Jones

After listing a cheap, low demand and low profit product to test the water in August, 4 months later I am now struggling to keep up with demand and planning my 12th offer in the line! You don't need to hit the home run straight away - several small victories add up quickly, just keep a focus on the quality.

Karin Guan Fernandez

I started my Amazon journey alone and had some luck with my first product, but I could not sustain the result I created. I was lost for several months until I found Kevin's course. Now I can finally experience the power of Amazon, and the magic of being an Amazon Ninja! I have tried other training programs and I have to say the Ninja course is the best! The Ninja community is AMAZING! Kevin is the real deal. He is accessible and truly want YOU to succeed. Follow Kevin's strategies and you WILL succeed!

Harsh Patel

Never knew it would be possible - follow the steps of the course and you are half way there! I started the FBA journey by watching a few YT videos of Kevin and later joined the course for more in depth knowledge. I launched a product in about 5 months of joining the course and in 7 days of launching my first product had good organic sales . Never knew it would be possible. I now have a few more products lined up to launch as well. Kevin's course is incredible and the BB group is fantastic since everyone tries to help each other out. For me, selling on Amazon and selling well - would not have been possible without the support of Kevin and the BB group.

William Tan

I started this Amazon FBA journey 5 months ago. Thanks to the fellow Ninjas that helped me get here. It was a long and bumpy road to get everything set up but it was all worth it. I will leave with two quotes I lived by. "Life is a gamble so go all out." "Take a leap. If you fail, get your ass up and try again!!"

Tabitha Salomon

REMINDER: No matter where you are in the journey, you can reach your goals! I'm fortunate to be part of the supportive Ninja family. I will continue to live by my favorite quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” This is just the beginning my friends, buckle up!

Nicola Faccini

As a full time product marketer when I discovered about FBA I knew it was a great fit for my experience. Still, I had no clue about online and Amazon, but with Kevin’s course and the Facebook community going from knowing nothing to building a proper business took me less than 6 months, and the journey has only just started!

Victor Luciano

I grew up in a home where the combined income of my parents was no more than 30k. I went to 3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 4 high schools because we kept getting evicted for not being able to pay rent and had to move neighborhoods. I used my community college financial aid on this last hope of mine and made a nonnegotiable decision with myself that I was going to make this happen, not merely “try”. I think this all starts with a vision of something better. You have to believe that something better is possible for yourself. If you don’t see it in your mind how can you expect to actively create it? Kevin is the mad scientist mentor you need on your shoulder to guide you to financial freedom, absorb everything he puts out and you will find yourself thinking like him, and thus acting like him and getting some tangible results. Best thing about the course is the other successful sellers in the Facebook group who are always there for you at odd hours to answer your questions. It might sound cheesy to some, but this family is close knit.

Anthony Omlor

Thank you, Kevin David, for your hospitality. You are a good person with a really big heart and it didn’t take me long to figure that out. There are so many in this group that have helped me and I have help the same. The love in this group is so strong, everyone wants nothing more than to see everybody succeed. I have been in many groups throughout my entrepreneurial career, owned a couple businesses and will say that this group is the greatest group I have ever been a part of. So, thank you all for your help and patience with me. I was laid off from the company I worked for of 22 years. Three months after joining this amazing ninja family I had my first product launched and now have a very successful business. It literally changed my life forever and I will never look back. To anyone that ever feels discouraged, never ever give up on yourself! It can be done! And, you will succeed! Just don’t quit!!

Kevin McQuiston

After 6 months and many stressful setbacks, I’ve finally joined the Ninja HOF which was an original goal of mine. I’m still a student, set to graduate this spring, and finding Kevin’s course last year was one of the best things that could’ve happened to me. I am pushing forward hard with e-commerce and am excited to see what the future holds for myself and all of the fellow ninjas. I owe a huge thank you to the ninja family who answered many of my questions and were always there with kind words and support. Thank you all!

Liz & Casey Kellogg

We’re the Kellogg’s. We’ve always dreamed of traveling the country in an RV. Thanks to Kevin’s Ninja course, our dream is becoming a reality. Kevin has been more than a mentor, he has become our friend. Thanks to him, we have the knowledge and support needed to run our business from any city. When you become a Black Belt Ninja, you aren’t just paying for a course. You get the community that is essential to running a profitable Amazon business. We are grateful we found Kevin and look forward to what 2018 will bring.

Vanessa Lindeman Simkins

When I found Kevin’s Ninja Course, I had the best gut feeling that it was going to be great experience. I’m thrilled I took the plunge into Amazon FBA and happy to say that with the course and this amazing Ninja group, I’ve managed to expand, grow and generate revenue to support my family beyond what I could have dreamed. I’ve come so far in 8 short months. I’ll be forever grateful to Kevin and this group for the growth and support I’ve received.

Pierre Megie

After 4 long years in Texas Real Estate, I was looking to start a business that would allow me to travel around the world without taking a day off. Amazon’s FBA opportunity was a perfect fit. On my 23rd birthday I bought Kevin’s course and now 5 months into starting my business I am honored to be a part of Kevin’s HOF!
Study & Follow Kevin’s course to the end then add your own entrepreneurial creativity and you will succeed. Execute Execute Execute! Get there faster with this Course. Greetings From Austin TX!

Riley Moore

My business went from a slow struggling brick and mortar style company with dead inventory on the brink of bankruptcy, to a fast pace multi-national ecommerce business, with revenue 10x what it originally was before I went through Kevin’s Ninja Course. This course saved my business and opened my eyes to how amazing and profitable Amazon can be for anyone willing to put in the time and effort.

Mike Jay

I worked extremely hard and went through a lot of challenges, but I stayed committed despite many failures and now have a very successful product with big ambitions to launch more! Kevin's course gave me the practical knowledge, confidence and guidance to push forward. It really took my understanding of Amazon FBA to the next level. Thank you Kevin.

Kyle Kirshner

Amazon has definitely changed my life for the better, really needed a course like Kevin's to go in depth on things you need to know in order to be successful on that platform!