Dave Hall

"You don't have to know everything before you start. Get some basic knowledge, do the work, make some mistakes and learn as you go."

Nick Capizzani

Been selling on Amazon for 2+ years and generating on average $30K a month. Kevin’s course really helped me tap into unseen potential and definitely has made an impact on my business. My advice is don’t use the same tactics everyone else is using. If you fish from the same pond, you're gonna catch the same fish. Stay one step ahead!

Daniel Ramley

Never imagined that this was possible. Now that I've tasted a bit of success it makes everything seem so much more feasible  

Nick Norman

I started selling on eBay 5+ years ago and decided in March 2017 to take the plunge and sell on Amazon. With lots of research and hard work, it paid off.

Oxana Ungureanu

Making a jump from ground Zero to a legit business on Amazon FBA in 4 months is not only possible but also a lot of fun! The opportunities are truly endless and Ninja’s support with tons of information and encouragement is outstanding!

Thank you Kevin and awesome Ninja family!

Albert Teng

I am lucky to find this FBA course. Kevin is really helpful and reply all my message within minutes. The find negative reviewer really help to maintain my 5 star product review and improve my conversion.

Timothy Chisum

After finding Kevin, we were able to take our small few hundred dollar a month Amazon business to next level. Within only two short months of using his guidance, we were able to generate over $30k per month.

Romaro Crowder

Special Thanks goes out to Kevin David for creating this course! It's literally a road map to Amazon FBA success!!! My advice: Get started now! Implement as you learn!