The deepest dive into Product Research selling on Amazon FBA. This is not a simple explanation of Junglescout, and this is not a high level training filled with talk and no actionable tutorials. If you are interested in watching step by step EXACTLY how I find products that make me 10k per month with NO GUESSWORK - this training is for you!
Enter the complex world that deals with Supplier negotiations, and how to protect your investment, and ensure your goods are the quality you pay for. I will teach you how to send your products directly from your factory in China to an Amazon FBA warehouse and cut out the middlemen!
Take a tour through Amazon's A9 algorithm and learn how to manipulate it all while staying within ToS. I will show you how to rank any product to page one for any keyword. I will show you how to create world class backend keywords and listings, and how to increase sales of existing products!
3....2....1..... Lift off! Learn exactly how to launch your Amazon product the right way, learn how to gain immediate momentum, rank your initial keywords and organic positions, and learn how to maintain the momentum you initially gain during your product launch forever!
Learn the complexities of what you can and can't do related to asking for reviews, and take a look at my exact email follow up campaigns that have over 60% open rates, and over 20% review rates, and learn exactly to modify them to your own product catalog to get tons of reviews!
Tied with product research, PPC is the single most important aspect of being successful on Amazon, join the deepest, most in-depth training ever made on PPC, and learn how to create 10% ACoS campaigns that deliver exact customer searches by the troves with no additional work!
Don't pay $2,000 for a Facebook ads course. You don't need it. This course covers everything and more than courses that cost 10x as much, learn exactly how to use Facebooks advanced customs audience features, learn to use narrowing targeters, and audience insights to kill your campaigns!
What happens when you form a mastermind of 75 Amazon sellers who all make 7-figures? You talk, and figure out the laziest and best ways to do everything important. Take a look into the world of Amazon Powersellers and learn how they get ahead and stay ahead with this training deep dive!